Safety is our first priority.

HLI takes a "hands on" approach with regard to our Safety program. We have incorporated a Behavior Based Safety culture into our program that requires all employees to be observant of one another and to quickly spot at risk behaviors and stop them before an incident occurs.

HLI now has Safety Field Representatives in both the Barnett and Eagleford Shale plays to enforce the presence of safety on the job.

All Managers and supervisors are trained by DISA for Reasonable Suspicion Substance Abuse Testing.

All field employees and supervision participate in web based safety training. This allows management at a glance to verify all required training has been completed on a quarterly basis.

HLI has extensive safety training in all areas of the oilfield to make ready our qualified team.

  • Safety Performance and Promotion
  • Environmental Performance
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Community Relations

Our goal is to meet OSHA's stringent requirements for safety in the oilfield.

Each HLI employee receives safety orientation and on the job training.

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